It’s easy to take London for granted and forget that a number of areas were really run down and derelict only a century or two ago. Covent Garden for example fell into disrepute in the 1600’s as the area began to get filled up with taverns, theatres and brothels. Wits, poets and playwrights moved in and occupied the area and this is still seen today as street performers and artists regularly perform here.

By the 18th century Covent Garden had become a well-known red-light district so an Act of Parliament was drawn up to control the area, and Charles Fowler’s neo-classical building was erected in 1830 to cover and help organise the market.

Covent Garden Lookbook


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My love for burgundy hasn’t subsided so breaking my own rules of colour matching I donned a burgundy hat, coat and socks and went exploring with Nathan from Man Meets Fashion. The jumper from Old Harry knitwear kept me cosy while the Ice Watch and Moleskine backpack have been a staple of my outfits for the last few months.


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