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I never really understood what people meant by ‘catching the travel bug’ but after my first solo trip abroad to Rome last year I’ve been itching to see more of Europe. Since then I’ve been all around Italy, Barcelona, Portugal, Vienna, Paris and more to really broaden my world view. Discovering new cultures and people really opens up your eyes to the insignificant differences between us. It’s something that has to be experiences rather than read about but I have to do my bit. It’s easy to think that the country you grew up in is the best in the world but please understand that your limited world view is holding you back. In terms of fashion there is no ‘right’ style. A person wears what they’re comfortable in and who can tell them otherwise. In this post I collated some of my street style snaps that I took during my travels to showcase the ever changing European fashions:

paris france street fashion pfw

Paris Street Style

Parisian styles offered the most variety and French people were very down to earth when I asked to take their picture. Minimal and elegant, Parisians tend to dress for themselves and look comfortable with whatever they’re wearing. No wonder most of this post is dedicated to them.

paris france street fashion pfw


Vienna Street Style

During my time with Neubau Eyewear I got the chance to explore the lovely city of Vienna. Although I didn’t have the right lens with me I managed to snap a few photos. Austrians were much more reserved with their outfits, preferring something that didn’t draw too much attention but looked cool and effortless nontheless.

vienna austria street fashion

Amsterdam Street Style

After my time in London I decided that Amsterdam will be my next destination. The Dutch are the most laid back and friendly people I have had the pleasure of encountering plus they don’t take themselves too seriously. A major plus when choosing a city to live in. London and New York are great but I can’t help but laugh at the seriousness of it all. I only had a few hours to shoot in Amsterdam during my first time there so the next street style set will be much more curated.


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