One can get very complacent when living in London as having so many historical landmarks a few underground stops away makes it easy to put off visiting them. This is until you realise that over the last few months you’ve hardly explored the city most people come to visit on their holidays so I donned myself head to toe in the latest Farrell Clothing range, grabbed a mate and a camera and went on a little morning wander around a small borough aptly named ‘City of London’.

tower of london vsco

tower of london vsco


Tower of London is a historic castle that’s situated on the borders between the City of London and Tower Hill. Built by William the Conqueror in 1078 and used as a prison until 1952, the infamous Kray twins were one of the last prisoners to serve time here.

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Another City of London landmark is Tower Bridge which crosses the River Thames and connects the Southwark bank to Tower Hamlets. Opened in 1894, Tower Bridge drew its fair share of criticism, some going as far as calling it ‘pretencious’ but it’s hard to deny its current iconic status.

trinity square gardens

trinity square gardens

trinity square gardens

Adjacent to the Tower of London is the Trinity Square Garden, an open space that’s home to the World War Mercantile Marine Memorial and surrounded by buildings that recall the rich British maritime history. Although often overlooked by tourists it’s one of many hidden gems that litter the area.

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