Photography can be a cruel mistress as one day you are buzzing with excitement to go and explore new places and the next you’re burdened by the ever present challenges of life. I feel that it’s in these moments one should channel their frustrations into their work as finding ways to waste time will get tedious in and of itself. 80% of all work is actually working yourself up to do it, the other 20% is doing it which is why I’ve sat on these photos for so long, never satisfied with the final result or edit.

LFW 2015 Street Style

London Fashion Week 2015 was a hectic and surprising affair as instead of sticking to one task I ended up doing a bit of street photography, helping out some fellow bloggers with street shoots and attending a number of shows such a Hemyca, BCOLLIDE, Havva and Sadie Williams which put my brain and twitter fingers into overload. This is part 1 of a 2 part series so check back in the next few days for the guys edition 🙂

london fashion week lfw 2015 street style-21


london fashion week lfw 2015 street style-53

The pictures don’t do justice to the sheer hectic nature of the day and I almost felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz getting a behind the scenes look at how the whole business of fashion operates. Seeing through all the pizzazz and glamour allowed me to take the industry at face value and simply enjoy my day.

Photographing bloggers such as Lucy from LJLV and Hannah from Love Icon Fantasy Ego provided me with a much needed respite from the shows that although immaculately organised were strewn across London so you had to be picky with which shows were worth your time.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of my LFW 2015 experience and if you see me at the next London Fashion Week or London Fashion Collections: Men don’t be afraid to say hello 🙂