It’s not all about the girls at London Fashion Week (although lets face it, it kinda is) so here are a couple of my favourite mens street style from LFW 2015. I’m hoping to have a new camera by the time London Collections: Men rolls around so if you’re coming make sure to give me a buzz, I’m always looking to sharper up my photography game.

Listen While You Read

london fashion week lfw 2015 street style-2 copy

london fashion week lfw 2015 street style-2 copy

The ‘Listen While You Read’ feature above is a little experiment I’m keen to run to see if my readers want a bit of background music while reading the lengthier articles. I aim to stick with some slower electronic and downtempo sounds as they’re not too distracting and actually help you focus. If you think this is a neat feature make sure to give that ‘Like‘ button a press.

Street Style: London Fashion Week 2015


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