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Hi guys, I have another interview to present you this week. David Liddell from Winston’s Legacy has kindly agreed to answer some of my questions and allow us to get a more in depth look into the WL brand. Winston’s Legacy was started last year by two brothers (David and Andrew) from Sydney with the simple philosophy of creating the elements that define a modern gentleman. What first drew me to the company is the family nature of the business, I love anything that’s handmade as it shows dedication to quality plus they just seem like a fun bunch of guys.

Winston’s Legacy Interview

What’s the legacy of Winston’s Legacy? How did you guys get started and what inspired the idea?

Winston Churchill described wearing a bow-tie as a ‘statement maker’. We loved the idea that something as simple as a bow-tie or pocket-square can really ignite someone’s outfit and the way they carry themselves. We took a gamble, bought a sewing machine and have spent countless hours, up all night teaching ourselves the craftsmanship of sewing. My brother and I started the business because we have always had a strong passion towards men’s fashion and the finer things in life. We want to make a difference. We want our clientele to feel confident wearing such pieces as they really can set you apart from the mundane world of Australian menswear.

What kind of influence does your location and heritage have on your products and designs?

We lived together in London in 2008 and fell in love with the attention to detail in menswear. From the night scene to grabbing your morning coffee, everyone put such pride in the way they carried themselves. After a few trips back and forth to NYC, we decided that we would like to be part of the new generation of young men that are looking for affordable yet niche pieces of threads to accompany their daily attire.

Whats your favourite part of your creative process? Is there anything in particular that inspires you?

We literally start every morning going through blogs and reading magazines over coffee. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing other strong brands and what they have accomplished. They don’t even necessarily have to be Bow Tie or clothing brands. We love what a number of swimwear and shoe companies are achieving in the market and we have to remind ourselves, it takes ten years to become an overnight success. We love that we have free range of what we do, our stockists are incredibly supportive and they are very much open to new ideas. Most importantly we love the freedom of creating on our own hours which at present begin at 6 drooling over coffee and finish up at 10pm with a single malt.

Do you have any surprises up your sleeve for 2014?

Of course, we are actually looking to expand our stockists to Melbourne and other parts of Australia. We have received a fair few orders from North America and Europe as we offer complimentary worldwide shipping, our goal would be to potentially head over to the States and the UK with Winston’s but we also understand ‘good things take time’. For now we are solely focusing on our new neck wear range that we are releasing at the end of Jan 2014. We are really excited because as much as we love Bow Ties, we understand that they are not (for most) an everyday wear – rather a luxury for a special occasion or night out.

What are your favourite colours and fabrics to use in your bow tie designs?

Bow Ties are already a statement maker in themselves, we like to keep things simple. We love Italian cotton and solid colours. We also enjoy offering the odd floral design to wear on a Summer’s afternoon.

Currently, who would you say are your current favourite designers?

We love the likes of local designers/brands such as P Johnson Tailors, Christian Kimber & MJ Bale. We are also really inspired by the big hitters such as the Ralph Lauren’s & Paul Simth’s of the world.

What are your 4 essential items of clothing / accessories. What can you not leave the house without?

A crisp white shirt is a must in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Combine this with fitted chinos, a tailored navy blazer & our classic white Winstons pocket square.

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86 Seconds With Winston’s Legacy

To learn more about Winston’s Legacy have a look at the following video as it really shows a lot more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and attention to detail the guys put into each product they make. It’s even more impressive that they taught themselves how to use a sewing machine specifically for this task. I also adore their Instagram account and being slightly obsessed with bow ties myself I want to buy something every time they put up a picture.

Winston’s Legacy Voucher Code

To celebrate the launch of their neck tie range the guys are also offering 15% off to all Style Division readers. Please use the voucher code “styledivision15” can be at the end of the checkout process to receive the discount. Furthermore the code is available across the entire range so with the wedding season coming up and complimentary worldwide shipping Winston’s Legacy could not look like a better option.

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