Reckon I’m going to become a hoarder in my older years as I can’t seem to throw anything away. I feel that every photo and screenshot I take needs it’s own special folder as it’s bound to come in use eventually. What actually happens is that I live perpetually in the past, editing photos and videos taken many moons ago. What I decided is that August is going to be my ‘clean out’ month. You’ll see lots of posts that may not reach my self imposed high standard but I need to clear some headspace.

Style Division New Faces

The latest ‘New Faces‘ post went down a treat so I started looking through my drive to see what other snaps I’ve taken since then. A fair whack of them was basically me helping take some polaroids for Cesar at Unsigned so they’re not the finished products but hey, gotta practice, practice, practice!

lucy j new faces

oliver albuqurque new faces


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