London is chock full of hidden courtyards and narrow alleys that wouldn’t look out of place in central Europe. I have written about one of those places (Seven Dials) in the past and the truth is all you have to do is wander the capital to find them.


This time I was joined by Krissy from Interlaced who was lucky enough to accompany me as I mooched from street to street without a real sense of purpose except to drink in the atmosphere and marvel at the architectural diversity the capital has to offer.

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Because there is a hint of sunshine in the air my RayBans are no longer leaving my side, walking around squinting like a newborn baby is not the best look. This is also my fifth year with the same pair of RBs and paying the premium back in 2010 has meant I haven’t needed to purchase a new pair #sturdy

The rest of the outfit is simply black/grey layering but again it’s the details that stand out. JacketZara Faux Leather, JumperFarah Merrino Wool Jumper, Trousers – Raleigh Denim Jones Selvage Trousers,  BootsJacamo Chelsea Boot, BagRalph Lauren


The colourful setting of Neil’s Yard was the perfect place to snap a few pictures of Krissy. A natural in front of the camera, Krissy made it really easy to snap some natural looking shots and the setting only added to the effect.

A little known courtyard by the name of Ching Court was unfortunately out of bounds but if you ever find yourself in the area I would recommend it as the most secluded spot for miles. Perfect for those moments of solitude.

krissy d interlaced

krissy d interlaced fashtech krissy d interlaced fashtech kristina dimitrova interlaced

Brainbox Krissy is speaking at Digital Shoreditch (Monday 11th) about fashion, wearable tech and the future of fashion technology so make sure you pop along and keep upto date with her on Twitter and Instagram


It’s always good to have an abundance of images to inspire you after a busy day but as a digital hoarder it’s difficult for me to pick just a few for a post and throwaway the rest.

Here are some that didn’t quite make the cut and if you want to have some regular visual stimulation make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter

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