It’s finally time to let my geeky side out and talk a little about the weird and wonderful world of technology. Technology is all around us and has been with us for thousands of years. A hammer is a technology in a way that it’s a tool that was created to make our lives easier. Please keep this in mind when thinking about how far tech has come in recent years (rather than decades) and just how future tech will enrich our lives in ways we cannot possibly conceive.

Technology is involved in every aspect of our lives and that includes fashion by enhancing our shopping experiences. Recent technological innovations are designed to blur the lines between brick and mortar stores and their digital counterparts. Nike, Burberry and Rebecca Minkoff are just some of the brands I can think of that have embraced the digital revolution and stayed ahead of the fashion technology pack.

Fashion Technology Inspiration

interlaced fashion technology

INTERLACED is a media and events company dedicated to inspire, educate, and communicate the developments around the next wave of fashion through events, news content and educational activities. You may have noticed the appearance of their logo in the sidebar over the last couple of week so this is their official introduction. Interlaced basic core aim is to help accelerate consumer adoption of wearable fashion, smart clothing and apparel as well as increase awareness of the fashtech industry.

Interlaced is built on the fact that in order to speed up innovation within fashion houses and technology companies in the area of wearable tech apparel, an increasing demand from the end-consumer needs to be apparent.

Interlaced aim to bring together four key audiences – Fashion Tech Pioneers, Corporations, Academia and End Consumers – and start a dialogue around the developments shaping the fashion tech industry. If you’re at all interested in wearable tech, 3D printing, smart fabrics, eTextiles or smart accessories

2015 – Interlaced are currently planning their first event for September 2015. This one day event will include talks from industry leaders, spark debates around what’s next for the fashion tech industry and feature a very special fashion showcase. If you would like to keep up to date make sure you follow them on Twitter / Facebook

rebecca minkoff vr store
Rebecca Minkoff has never been one to shy away from bringing the high-tech game to her brand identity. Follow the link to check out the video of the seamless offline / online augmented reality in action – Rebecca Minkoff AR Stores
shoppable catwalks fashion technology
How will our phone make catwalks instantly shoppable? Read the full article on Business of Fashion
burberry shopable catwalk twitter
Staying on the runway theme, Burberry and Twitter partnered up to enable a tweet activated camera – Read More

Future Technology Inspiration

Dubai’s 3D-Printed Museum of the Future Looks Like Science Fiction – Read More

telomeres live forever
Scientists extend telomeres to slow cell aging – Read More
driverless cars great britain uk
Driverless cars trialled on UK roads for first time in four towns and cities – Read More

Google Technology Updates

Google has been at the forefront of modern technology and if you still think of them as a search engine then this section is for you. Google is now a word synonymous with things like machine learning, self driving cars, UX web design, fibreoptic broadband and that’s just scratching the surface. I have spoken about Google and their image detection in the past and will continue to do so in the coming months but here are some of their recent projects that caught my eye:

google cards api
An open Google Now is about to make Android super smart. For any of you who have the Google Now app on your phone make sure to keep an eye on the ‘card’ design as this will be pretty ubiquitous soon – Read More
google cardboard
Google is reportedly working on a virtual-reality version of Android. Android users can already get an early glimpse of 3D environments by watching certain 360 videos on YouTube or download Google CardboardRead More
google word lens
I remember using Word Lens a couple of years ago, way before it’s purchase by Google and even back then it was a solid app. Translating text almost instantly on almost any surface. There are a number of awesome updates to Google Translate in 2015, soon will we even need to learn new languages? – Read More


So here’s my first technology / futurology roundup. It’s a little bit different from the usual fashion / lifestyle posts but for me it’s all interconnected. I will be producing one of these roundups every month and also writing more detailed posts that concentrate on a single topic such as cryptocurrencies, machine learning or self driving cars.

If you have any notes or ideas feel free to leave me a comment below or email me on [email protected]