It’s been a while since my last Things To Do post and you’re never short of activities when it comes to one of the worlds biggest cities. Today I wish to showcase the hidden side of London, one that is often overlooked or even scoffed at. London has always been an epicentre of criminal activity but some crimes are more beautiful than others. Street art, phenomenon of the 1990s, developed from graffiti art, a phenomenon of the 80s, and is today a regular occurrence on London’s streets; in some areas it is ubiquitous. During my daily walks around Brick Lane it was impossible not to run into a new piece of street art and I’m thoroughly grateful the local government and community are starting to see its beautiful side.

London Street Art

shoreditch street art

The appeal of street art includes its unpredictability, illegality, the challenge it poses to authority, the altruism of the street artist, and the romance and poetry of the work. Exposed to the ravages of urban life, street art can be transient, delicate and fragile.

When art is done well it reaches out and touches your soul. Street art is no different. Whether its a canvas or a side of someones house, art can evoke emotions and surprise you at a subconscious level. So make sure to keep your eyes wide open.

london things to do photography-2 copy

London is littered with beautiful street art so make sure to visit Camden, Regent’s Canal, Chalk Farm Station, Hackney and East London in particular if you wish to see the pieces that have stood the test of time. Some pieces are tagged on walls, some are on pavements and made out of chewing gum. The medium is not as important as the message it’s trying to convey. The next time you see a piece of street art, don’t think of it as an eyesore, but a relic of a time we live in today.

Brixton Bowls

brixton skate park

Sometimes known as Stockwell Sands or Brixton Beach, this is one of London’s oldest skateparks and a place I love to visit when I need to switch off from the hustle and bustle of city life. Filled with interesting characters of all ages, Brixton Bowls encompasses everything I remember about youth. Especially its carefree nature, free of worries and future obligations. It takes you back to a time when you were free to be yourself and that was more than enough.

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