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A few weeks ago I had a really hectic few days during which my view of current technology got flipped completely upside down. I attended a number of events such as VR in a Bar, the Dandy Lab shop launch and the Interlaced fashion technology show which really opened my eyes to diversity in tech and the things being done behind the scenes.

virtual reality meetup london vr augmented marketing-2

virtual reality meetup london vr augmented marketing-2


VR in a Bar is a virtual reality event organised by Virtual Umbrella (a VR marketing agency) which aims to bring together developers, content creators and VR enthusiasts alike in a gaming bar in north London.

Companies such as Visualise, VRgo Chair, HTC Vive obsessed Psytec Games and VR Craftwork were present with their latest creations and safe to say they exceeded everyone’s expectations. VR has the potential to disrupt a number of key industries from gaming to entertainment to travel so I was very privileged to get my hands on some early tech demos.

The ability to take the user directly into an experience such as a Kasabian Concert (Visualise) or a scene from Ex Machina (NBC Universal) is going to be groundbreaking and I urge everyone to follow the goings on in this hectic yet exciting industry.


Samsung-Gear-VR3 Cropped


Visualise impressed me with their 360º VR Kasabian concert which was recorded at the 02 Academy in Brixton and gave me a chance to get on stage with one of my favourite UK bands

pretender motion vr wearable


Pretender Motion’s output wearable glove allowed my arm to be controlled by someone else through electrical impulses. Check out the video below for a better idea and my initial reaction

ex machina vr film


Mike from NBC Universal showed me a glimpse of future entertainment by taking me directly into a scene from Ex Machina. Additional experiences for films such as Back to the Future are already in development,

vrgo gaming vr chair


The VRGo chair allowed me to explore a completely new building without using a controller to move. The possibilities this opens up for architects and estate agents are simply ridiculous


IC tomorrow Cropped


IC Tomorrow is the digital arm of the Government’s innovation agency – Innovate UK. In July 2015, IC Tomorrow announced a £210,000 contest to support UK digital businesses that operate in the virtual and augmented reality sectors.

The final of the competition will be taking place on the 7th of October at Portland Place in London. IC Tomorrow are seeking brands in the VR/AR sector to come and showcase their technology as well as network with representatives from brands such as John Lewis and Columbia Records.

Finalists will be pitching across six different categories which are targeted at solving real-world solutions. If this sounds like your cup of tea make sure to email Ellie Hale or Amy Brunsdon at Albion Drive or visit _Connect for more information.


I love future tech and the unique ways it’s developing in almost every industry. From 3D printing to wearables tech is all around us and here’s a small glimpse:

wonderluk 3d printing jewellery


Wonderluk is a company that produces 3D printed avant-garde jewellery that’s created by independent designers from around the world. Make sure to visit their shop in Boxpark Shoreditch for the full experience

dandy lab future retail


The Dandy Lab is a men’s lifestyle shop that’s enhanced by technology. They sell unique British made products that tell stories so make sure to experience the future of retail by visiting their shop at the Old Spitalfields Market

3d printing inition


Old Style Division favourites Inition invited me to a 3D printing event last month. Although the proccess isn’t fully ready for the public, the ability to print fabric and materials gives you plenty to think about. READ MORE

interlaced fashtech show


The Interlaced fashtech show came and went and I’m very proud to have been involved. Make sure to watch the video of the highlights and check back next week for a full writeup. It’s gonna be a good one.


Virtual reality is sure to disrupt the future of commerce (v-commerce anyone?) and huge steps are being taken in the augmented reality sector to bring this tech to the masses. Make sure to keep up with Style Division for some irregular tech news and read the last Technology & Futurology Roundup to keep up to date.