There’s a certain kind of rush one gets during a shopping trip. Women tend to plan their shopping days a lot more than men but you cannot deny the excitement you feel when you see that perfect item. With the rise of online shopping retailers have to do a lot more to entice us and brands such as Zara and Burberry have taken it upon themselves to revamp the frankly stale shopping experience. I’m a sucker for a trench coat so during my recent trip to Vienna with Neubau Eyewear I thought it’d be a shame not to make use of our surroundings to shoot a small lookbook.

butterfly house vienna

Imperial Butterfly House, Vienna

butterfly house vienna

Since I was a kid green has been my favourite colour so for a little inspiration Jonathan Zegbe (aka Jon The Gold) and I visited the local butterfly house. If you ever want to feel like you’re in the Amazon rainforest just spend 10 minutes in this place. A true test of endurance.

butterfly house vienna

Neubau Eyewear

neubau eyewear vienna

After a guided tour through the streets of Vienna we were invited to a party hosted by Neubau Eyewear that overlooked the famous Museumsquartier. For the uninitiated Neubau Eyewear are an Austrian eyewear brand that produce high quality spectacles inspired by young, creative and contemporary Vienna.

Neubau CEO Daniel Liktor commented “The glasses can be seen as a homage to all thriving urban creative quarters around the world as well as the individuals who contribute to their vibrancy.”

Zara Lookbook

menswear blogger austria

As the old saying goes “Beauty requires sacrifice” so even in this heat I had to don the latest trench coat from Zara. Remember to wear what makes you comfortable, not what’s expected.

master dynamic headphones

green trench coat menswear

Vienna, Austria

vienna austria architecture


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