amsterdam at night

As you may have noticed from my Rome and Paris posts I love a late night wander. Like a werewolf a city can transform under moonlight and provide the backdrop for an unplanned adventure. Amsterdam was no different. From meeting homeless artists with unique creative talents to Amsterdam locals who had stories for days. Every trip into the Dutch capital provided something different. Wandering the streets at night allows you to experience the true soul of a city, away from the tried and tested tourist traps to something fleeting and momentary.

amsterdam at night

A Mindless Wander

amsterdam at night

Although I had my camera with me I tried not to take too many pictures. Living in the moment is a lot easier than you think once you stop living your life through the lens of social media. Put your phone away and just enjoy the walk. I’m sure that building that caught your eye will still be there when you come back.

rain and night in amsterdam

Amsterdam is a lot like London in that the weather does whatever the hell it wants. It could go from sunny to rainy to sunny in a matter of minutes and as a photographer all you can do is embrace it. The storm I got caught up in added a golden sheen to the city and did little to dampen my spirits.

There is still so much to discover about this historic city and I cannot wait to move here for good. During my first visit the last thing on my ind was relocating here and yet its natural charm won me over. If you’re an Amsterdam local please get in touch as I would love to learn more about your city and your experiences living there.

amsterdam at night

We’re now living in the information age and this is going to become more apparent with every waking minute. Technology has already improved so much using so little. Just look at the device you’re reading this post on and realise that your ancestors would have found it indistinguishable from magic. Ironically these devices can make us feel more disconnected and lonely so its up to you to bridge that gap.

As technology improves everything from the way we work, travel, communicate and spend money you have to remember the priceless things in life. Friends and family that can make you laugh, acquaintances that inspire you to create even when you’re feeling lazy and yourself. The one person that can make you truly happy.

grasshopper amsterdam

Your goal for 2017 should be to surround yourself with people that challenge you. People that have a unique view of the world and are obsessed with changing the future. I never said it would be easy but the alternative is not worth contemplation. This is my challenge to you and to myself. See you in 365 days.


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