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It’s often quite rare to sit down with someone with such a unique outlook on the world it inspires you with ideas and yet my meeting with Phil Dean aka. The Shoreditch Sketcher did exactly that. Using visuals to illustrate our journey through life is made easier with the rise of services such as Instagram and yet there’s something primal about putting pen to paper and permanently capturing a moment in time.

What separates a sketch from a picture is the ability to see a situation from a completely different perspective. When we look at an old picture we’re instantly reminded of the scene and setting, the people we were with and maybe even the mood we were in. A sketch is able to conjure up similar memories as Phil says he recalls conversations and small details that were going on around him at the time.

The sketches have allowed Phil to display a completely different side of London and as they’re usually done ‘on location’ I feel that they capture the energy of the place that’s impossible to replicate through pictures alone. If you’re in love with the sketches as much as I am make sure to give Phil a follow on Instagram using the link below:


The Hoxton Shoreditch

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