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Audio Inspiration Collection // March 2016

I was listening to futurist and filmmaker Jason Silva recently and he talked about how with the invention of mp3 players and the current trend of cloud streaming services such as Google Music we’re literally creating a soundtrack to our own lives. Think about it next time you’re on a stroll somewhere and try playing different genres and see what kinds of thoughts pop into your head.


The Soundcloud playlist this month is filled with more electronic goodness from Bearcubs, a new ambient favourite Grandyzer and a few other gems of chill thrown in. See if you can find them!


I’ve always shied away from techno music as for some absurd reason I thought it was the same as hardstyle. Boy was I wrong. Scuba has impressed me in the past with a sublime ambient track Before (After) which is somewhat reminiscent of Aphex Twin and he’s only picked up the tempo in his latest albums.


I first heard the song ‘Haunting’ during one of Sasha’s mixes last year and fell in love with the sublime nature of the track. Before long the Nulla EP from Nuage became a regular and although it only contains 6 tracks, each one is crafted so meticulously I find a new favourite with each listen.

Let me know if you’ve discovered a new favourite by leaving a comment below or tweeting @StyleDivision. And here are some links if you wish to keep up to date: