I’ve lived in Camden for over 9 months and it’s sad to say that our happy relationship has come to an end. The busy and hectic London life catches up with you and so it’s time (yet again) to start flat hunting and organising my life into tiny little boxes.

I thought I’d put together a little post about this under-appreciated area of London and possibly inspire a few of you to come over for a visit.


Camden is perhaps the most colourful and offbeat part of Greater London and it’s no surprise that it has become synonymous with the the capitals alternative music scene and vibrant night life.

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Although Camden is located close to greater London and pretty much walking distance from Kings Cross you’ll likely see few suits and ties while strolling down the streets. During the day, innumerable vendors and independent retailers populate the area, making the borough one of the most popular places to shop in London. At night the neighborhood comes alive with throbbing tunes blasting from some of the best live music venues in Europe.

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It’s been like this for a long time, too. Camden was founded in 1790, and ever since then it has been a thriving marketplace where commerce and the arts meet. This blending is reflected in the list of artists, past and present, who have lived there. Charles Dickens, one of the English language’s finest authors, called Camden Town home for a very long time, as well as playwright Alan Bennett and novelist Beryl Bainbridge.

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As for musicians, the famous ska band Madness originated in Camden, and party animal Amy Winehouse lived on Camden Square until her death in 2011. Currently, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin, the lead vocalist for Coldplay, live in the neighborhood.

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Camden Town is a real breeding ground for new musical talent. Its many bars and theaters have hosted quite a few British bands before they became famous and after as well. The most famous is the Roundhouse Theater, which in days gone by serviced locomotives before becoming what it is today.

Other big names on the scene include Koko, Underworld and the Electric Ballroom; and intrepid explorers will have little trouble finding dozens more tucked away on both the high street as well as its alleys.

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If you’re not much of a night owl and prefer to stroll about and browse some unique wares, then Camden Town’s street markets are for you. Camden Stables is arguably the most famous and a must-see, as well as the fruit and vegetable market on Inverness Street.

If you’d rather keep your money in your wallet, you may simply wander around soaking up the atmosphere. The neighborhood’s eclectic mix of cultures has given it a unique ambiance that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Camden Town should definitely be a place of interest you consider if you ever come to the capital. If you’re an outgoing traveler looking to experience diverse cultures, vibrant nightlife, or lively marketplaces, then make sure to visit Camden Town—a place I was proud to call home.

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