Ever since my move to London I promised myself that I will explore every single nook and cranny of this magical little city. I did this by creating a little game that anyone can play. All you need is a monopoly board and a friend who’s just as silly as you. Next time you’re bored or have nothing to do grab a monopoly board and pick out a card at random and that’s where you’re spending the afternoon. No second chances.

Marylebone, London

My luck of the draw took me to Marylebone (which is much harder to spell than it looks). Marylebone is famous for its quiet streets, beautiful Gothic, Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian architecture and quaint ‘not at all London’ atmosphere. Shopping and eating is what Marylebone is all about and landlords tend to rent out spaces based on an individuals suitability to the area rather than pure financial matters. This ensures Marylebone retains it’s quant aesthetic and doesn’t turn into the next Oxford Street where the crowds can cause some weariness.

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blogosphere magazine tea party

blogosphere magazine marylebone london blogger travel-20

While in Marylebone my friends over at Blogosphere Magazine were having a little tea party and as it’s practically a sin to turn down cake and a good conversation I popped over for a visit. The Editor-in-chief Alice Audley filled me in about Blogosphere, its humble beginnings and ambitious plans for the future. I believe blogging and personal conversations with people are much more interesting to read than a generic fashion shoot as you get to extrapolate little details that may have been overlooked otherwise.

Editorial Assistant Albertine Brandon was also kinda enough to interview me for the next issue of Blogosphere so if you get your hands on one please let me know what you think 🙂 Overall it was great to meet some young bloggers and vloggers who are just starting to find their voice but have all the ambition and enthusiasm to be successful. Hard work pays off but you have to put in the hours. It’s that simple and that hard.

Marylebone Photography

vscocam photography canon 7d sigma lens

vscocam photography canon 7d sigma lens vscocam photography canon 7d sigma lens vscocam photography canon 7d sigma lens

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