There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while and to put it bluntly it’s the very serious issue of mental health. I know many of you read my blog just to see nice pictures or maybe find some new songs to add to your playlist but how many of you actually know the boy behind the blog? There have been points over the last year that I never wish to experience again and now with the power of context I can look back and analyse the situation.

When our expectations and reality collide it can really get to us. That’s not just a theory, but an observable fact. Because we’re constantly comparing our lives to others whether it’s your close friends or people you see on Instagram, our brain becomes our own worst enemy. Although it’s easier said than done you should look for inspiration in someone’s social highlight reels rather than assume this is how they live their lives. This blog has been a great source of memories and looking back through the posts I made last year it shows that whatever pain you’re in, channel that into making art. Good art, bad art, it doesn’t matter as at the end of the day the only person who can judge it without prejudice is yourself 🙂

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Style Division Explores: Tower Hill

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So for any of you out there quietly suffering from anxiety or depression make sure you know that you’re not alone, all is not as hopeless as your brain has tricked you into believing and as cliche as it sounds, things do get better. Things do get better but with a caveat and that caveat is you. You have to make the first step yourself, accept this parasite that’s living inside you and outline all the variables that YOU can change in YOUR life.

A hero is not someone who gets the girl and lives happily ever after, a hero is someone who succeeds despite the overwhelming odds against them and that’s exactly the mentality you need to adopt. If you find yourself falling back into your old ways or the negative thoughts creep back in then distract yourself. Read a book, go for a run, meet with a close friend or as I said above – MAKE GOOD ART

Don’t think for a second that you’re the only one going through this (although it may seem like it). Jon Hamm from Mad Men, Owen Wilson and even Winston Churchill all battled anxiety and depression throughout their lives. Winston Churchill famously called it his ‘black dog’ and the lesson he taught us about his condition was learning to live with it because it never completely goes away.

Churchill was actually so paralysed by despair that he spent time in bed, had little energy, few interests, lost his appetite, couldn’t concentrate. He was minimally functional – and this didn’t just happen once or twice in the 1930s, but also in the 1920s and 1910s and earlier. If this man can mastermind a war plan during WW2 then I’m sure taking that small risk won’t be the worst thing you’ll ever do 🙂

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Greenwich park observatory

The journey of my personal black dog ends at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. As the clocks went back on the 25th of October I decided to visit the Observatory and catch a glimpse of London through newly opened eyes. I first came here as a child with my dad although a decade later it’s safe to say my experience this time was a little more profound.

As the crowds gathered to see the blistering red sunset over London it was difficult not to feel connected with everyone around. The simple act of living and being able to appreciate beauty is enough to make it worthwhile so open your eyes, do something everyday that scares you and you’ll be surprised by the results.

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greenwich park observatory london explore vsco blogger-23 greenwich park observatory london explore vsco blogger-23


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