Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who¬†took the time out of their undoubtedly busy schedule to check out my blog. It honestly means a lot ūüôā I was actually thinking about the concept of time quite a lot recently and I came to the conclusion that it’s the only commodity we all share in common. Whether you’re rich or poor or live on the other side of the world – an hour is still an hour, the only difference is how you choose to spend it. Time is valuable although many of us don’t seem to realise that.

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I get a lot of emails and messages that ask me how I manage to stay on top of things and constantly produce great content. The bad news is that there is no right answer, you have to find a system that works for you. The good news is that everyone can do this. When you’re first starting out in the world of blogging or writing you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, there’s a feeling that you’ll be ‘found out’ soon and all your hard work and accomplishments would have been for nothing. I’m here to dispel that myth and act as proof that hard work does pay off.

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After a while you’ll learn more about yourself, you’ll learn what you enjoy doing and writing about as again you only have a limited amount of time and cannot write about absolutely everything (even though your itchy fingers want to). Think of each piece of content you produce as a message in a bottle you throw into the ocean.¬†After a while some will start coming back and you will have to choose and begin saying ‘NO’ to people. For me that was the hardest lesson to learn but it wouldn’t be a¬†a great lesson if we found it easy.

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Procrastination is a killer in all walks of life. When you’re at work or university you might get given deadlines by your superiors or teachers or clients. This ensures that as the deadline draws nearer you step it up a gear and get¬†everything done on time and (hopefully) under budget. But in life there is no deadline, there is no time limit for going to the gym or writing that blog post. That’s¬†why it’s important to treat the brain as a muscle, you have to give it constant exercise otherwise it’ll become dormant.


Many of you have been here since the beginning (send me an email if you remember my Tumblr blog and I’ll make sure to send you a little special. No joke.). For those of you just joining welcome to the next chapter. Style Division has allowed me to create a truly unique platform, a space that helped me¬†find my voice and then share it. The next stage is all about giving back. I wish to use DIVISION as a platform to showcase some new faces, exciting creatives and future thinking visionaries. If you think that might be you please get in touch using the email at the bottom of this article.

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It wouldn’t be a Style Division post without a hint of fashion so check out my trusty Murray sneakers from¬†KG Kurt Geiger. I picked these up for LCM back in January but it feels like they’ve been in my wardrobe a lot longer. The¬†classic rubber toecap and sole keeps¬†the shoes relatively light and most important of all – comfortable. I’ve been wearing them with some ankle socks this summer and the look still works so if you’re looking for versatility I would definitely recommend you grab yourself a pair.


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