Hard to believe it’s been a year since the last time I put my annual review together but I can’t say that I’m surprised. When you’re having fun you don’t really pay attention to the time as days and weeks sort of merge together into a never-ending story with you in the center. 2015 saw Style Division develop into a standalone fashion and lifestyle mag with contributors from all over the world although our tight control of quality over quantity has not diminished.

A Most Interesting Year

London Fashion Week

After missing out on LCM and London Fashion Week last year I was determined to make an appearance in 2015 and ended up covering both events in winter and in summer with shows, after parties and street style shots aplenty.

My 2016 writeups went online not too long ago and with London Fashion Week 2016 starting this week I hope to see some familiar faces and having a long overdue catchup.



More Outfits

My obsession with fashion has not died down. Although I have started getting involved with different areas of the fashion sphere, a small style shoot still gets me excited as you can only plan so much while the rest has to be spontaneous and done on the day.

I have put together a list of my favourite outfits from 2015 but you can stay up to date by following my OOTD blog, lookbook or Feels page 🙂

More Travel

2015 was definitely the year to stretch the travel wings and with Google Flights and AirBNB making waves there’s never been a better time to do so. I travelled around Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Ireland, Netherlands (to name a few), although it still feels like I’ve only scratched the surface.

My favourite post has got to be from Venice so give it a read if you wish to know more about that magical little place and follow my Travel Journal to stay up to date.

italy travel wanderlust

padua italy padova blogger photography travel vsco-18

4 Inspiration Collections

In my 2014 overview I talked about starting 4 different journals with a focus on music, fashion, tech and visual inspirations. Although these have not been updated as often as I would have liked, each one added a new dimension to the blog and allowed me to showcase some of my different passions.

These inspiration collections will be further refined (or merged?) in 2016 so make sure to keep visiting so you don’t miss out.

Photography Journals

My passion for photography has not dwindled and having recently acquired a Canon 7D there is now 0 excuse to take average pictures. The camera gives me a great excuse to explore London and continue updating my photography journals so the mag has a certain personal touch.

The Sigma lens is my next purchase as I wish to get up close and personal with my subjects and continue developing my eye for street style.

canary wharf vsco journal blogger photography-15

interlaced fashion technology show london-3


My involvement with the fashtech organisation INTERLACED came as a total surprise and over the course of a couple of months I ended up being one of the speakers during their fashion technology show in September 2015.

Fashion tech such as smart fabrics and wearables are already here although most people are not aware of the coming shift. This year I wish to write more about fashion tech and I wish to thank INTERLACED for introducing me to this amazing new industry.


I have recently started working at the prestigious talent and modelling agency Unsigned and so far it’s been a barrel of laughs. I’m learning more about the fashion industry while further developing digital marketing skills with some first hand experiences.

With big plans on the radar for 2016 make sure to keep an eye out as I’m sure you’ll see the Unsigned name pop up in all the right places.

unsigned grp london townhouse talent


I tend to throw random images of my life onto Instagram so if you like the pics above why not give me a follow? There is also a @StyleDivisionMag account for pieces and articles that don’t involve me and it’s going to get used a lot more in 2016 to showcase different artists and visuals that inspire me.