I love writing about technology as it’s a welcome break from the often monotonous fashion / lifestyle posts. It’s also a very broad subject with crazy predictions, new developments and ground breaking products coming to the surface on a daily basis. Over the coming months I’m going to be covering a lot more areas of tech I’m interested in ranging from AI to self driving cars to 3D printing but here are a few things that caught my eye this month.


Although not yet ready for large-scale production, the Electroloom is an exciting prospect, enabling its users to design and print seamless clothing that perfectly fits their frame. Once fabric printers become commonplace it’s not hard to imagine an online marketplace for designs that you can download and ‘print’ instantly. Make sure to follow this Kickstarter project for more information. READ MORE.
The Memomi memory mirror let’s you change the color of your clothing with a single gesture. Look at yourself in the mirror with new colors without the need to change your clothes – All in real time. You can use the mirror and try on items virtually – changing colors and patterns instantly, adding accessories and other items to create the perfect look all without having to physically try on a single thing. READ MORE.
Ted Baker has opened its first ‘virtual’ store amid wider experiments with digital technology in a new concept store in London’s Shoreditch. High resolution panoramic photography software partnered with 3D mapping means customers worldwide can roam the space online, picking up items of clothing to view in closer detail, interact with surroundings as well as purchase goods. READ MORE.


Robots to 3D-print world’s first continuously-extruded steel bridge across a canal in Amsterdam, heralding the dawn of automatic construction sites and structural metal printing for public infrastructure. READ MORE.
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop becomes reality as an agreement is reached to secure a 5 mile test track in California. Say what you want about Elon but he has some decidedly crazy ideas and isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is. From Space X to Tesla I have no doubt that there is more than science fiction behind his hyperloop project. READ MORE.
Google’s multi-million dollar investment in augmented reality startup Magic Leap appears to be paying off as a jaw-dropping demo shows glimpses of our augmented future. Functions such as being able to access both websites and desktop apps from airborne virtual icons and transforming your living room into a video game level are sure to impress. READ MORE.


 Project Jacquard. This new system aims to weave technology into fabric and transform our clothes into interactive surfaces. This will allow designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own creations. READ MORE.
Location Aware Search is an unannounced feature in Google’s new search app. Ask about things nearby without naming them. READ MORE.
How Google Search will be your next brain (or at the very least a further extension of it). This is a long read so don’t go into this half-hearted. READ MORE.
Project Soli lets you control gadgets using hand gestures made in nothing but thin air. The system identifies subtle finger movements using radar built into tiny microchips. READ MORE.


1Paperspace, a full computer you can access from any web browser, 2 – Nokia announce Ozo, a futuristic new camera for filming virtual reality, 3 – The Dandy Lab, a men’s lifestyle shop enhanced by technology. Opening August 2015, 4 – Ray Kurzweil stresses humanity’s ‘moral imperative’ in developing AI


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