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It’s that time of the month again guys, following on from the previous post (LINK) I have been listening to a lot of chillwave and dreampop specifically artists such as Summer Heart and Stumbleine who have that perfect unpolished sound you want with these kind of ambient songs. Other artists you may have heard of such as Kele (of Bloc Party fame) and Caribou also debuted some amazing new albums recently complete with their own undiscovered gems and I’ve tried to include some of them in the playlist below. Another name I discovered this month is Ferdinand Weber who has produced some big beat tunes such as ‘Aaliyah’ with his partner in crime Fabich and also remixed LANYs’ ‘ILYSB’ which has been a regular on the Majestic Casual playlist for months.

The November playlist is a mixture of chillwave, house, electronic and a few rap tunes thrown in for good measure. Let me know what you think to the selection by tweeting me @StyleDivision

Best of the Rest

Frank Ocean just doesn’t get enough credit for his album ‘channel ORANGE’ and it’s hard to see why with songs like ‘Thinkin Bout You’ and ‘Pyramids’ but it’s the latter that caught my attention recently when I found a video of Frank performing it live with John Mayer and it put the already genius original to shame.

James Blake needs a separate post just to go over a few of his best singles but it seems that he has collaborated with Drake by producing a few tracks for his next album, check out ‘The Catch Up’ which features James’ trademark haunting samples and is a nice little throwback to one of Drakes most underrated tracks ‘Lust for Life’ produced by Noah “40” Shebib.

A few months ago I found out about some raw UK talents who go by the name of Context and Great Skies. Context broke onto the scene around this time last year after Mike Skinner from The Streets (we’ve talked about him at length in the past) remixed one of his songs ‘Small Town Lad Sentiments’ which in itself was a little throwback to Mikes ‘Original Pirate Material’.

Great Skies is a producer I would love to know more about, he has a distinct Burial influence and uses indecipherable vocal samples and 2step rhythms to bring his tracks to life. Great Skies and Context have created a number of songs together so I thought it’d be rude to include of the best ones here. Context has recently brought out a free EP titled ‘Stealing My Older Brother’s Tapes’ which I urge everyone to check out as it’s a breath of fresh air for the UK hip hop scene.

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