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Ah, New York New York. The city that never sleeps and plays host to numerous unique individuals and personalities, one of whom we’ll be focusing on today. Nick Wooster used to be the creative director at JCPenney (and more recently Atrium) and apart from having incredible facial hair and sense of style he also has an amazing brain for business and fashion. Wooster was tasked with switching JCPenney’s old, bargain-centric image in favor of something a little more modern and stylish.

In his interview with SceneMag Nick Wooster confides that “I would love to live in a store,” which seems like an ideology he stuck with when designing the interior of his apartment. As a man who knows his way around the industry it’s no surprise then to find out that Nicks apartment is as sartorial as his collections. The New York apartment contains racks of work boots, smart shoes (including brogues and a pair of Tricker’s wingtips that Wooster bought 30 years ago and wears to this day), high-rising stacks of magazines and books as well as an assortment of portraits that look like they were meticulously picked out.

It’s almost like living in a boutique Soho store with leather trays filled with sunglasses as well as elements of old versus new as the apartment contains vintage wooden chests and furniture yet still has an air of freshness with modern paintings and lighting fixtures.

“I always feel differently wearing something when I have a relationship with the person who created it,” he says, pointing to designer friends like Thom Browne and Mark McNairy. Nick Wooster applies the same principles to his interior design skills with as the grey sofa you can see in the last picture below was actually purchased from Stephen Kenn and the two of them spent a lovely afternoon together getting it up the stairs into the apartment. Aaron Smith, another long-time friend of Nicks painted the colourful oil portrait you can see below. It’s always fantastic to see that kind of dedication to a home, I firmly believe that a room will have more personality if the items you choose to put there have history rather than simply being purchased from a shop.

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