Another year and another Notting Hill carnival was upon us with crowds flocking to Notting Hill Gate, drawn in by the promise of cheap alcohol, coconut cocktails and of course an opportunity to really let loose with the dance moves. The squad and I were out in full force (rain ain’t gonna stop us!) so there was little time to grab pictures but thankfully Dominika Scheibinger was on the scene to capture the moment. Here are some of my favourites:


The best thing about Notting Hill has got to be the people. The place is buzzing with energy and you’re always bound to run into someone who leaves you with an impression. It’s also a time to be social as you didn’t come out all the way here just to stand in a circle with your friends right? Grab your mixer bottle and share it with the person dancing next to you. What’s the worst that can happen?

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This is also the perfect time to get crazy with your outfits. If you think Somerset House is crazy during fashion week then you have another thing coming. Carnival outfits and face paints are a must, the louder the better. I personally chose to wear my secret space hamster top as I do every year so if you see someone wearing it it’s likely to be me.


Next comes the street party and let me tell you that here most bets are off. You’re expected to dance, drink and smoke until your body tells you otherwise and with over a million visitors attending the carnival you may as well let loose. As well as the live bands and floats, there were the mandatory jolly dancing policemen which were a welcome break from the hum of the party itself.

Finding small street parties off the beaten track has to be one of the best things about Notting Hill. You will always find a group of people dancing around a boombox or sound system without a care in the world so make sure to follow your ear rather than your eyes in the future.

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The Tonga Balloon Gang were out in full force with a secret ‘bring your own booze’ after party going heavy until the wee hours of the morning. Started by the former Streets frontman Mike Skinner and his partner in crime Dave Murkage, Tonga aims to bring a classic house party feel to a club night. I use the term ‘club’ figuratively as the first Tonga night was held in a pub in Dalston and it was everything I hoped it would be.

If you wish to find out more about Mike Skinner and the Tonga night make sure to visit these links or catch the gang at the Bollywood Tent at Bestival next Friday.

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For the full set of photos from the Tonga night make sure you CLICK HERE


I hope you enjoyed this little post about yet another London festival 🙂 If you like the pictures, make sure you follow Dominika using the social media links listed below and hopefully we’ll see you at Notting Hill in August 2016!