Everyone should have a role model, someone whose character and achievements you admire. For me that person is Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin and all round crazy guy who does not like to act his age. My admiration of Richard has shaped my personality as I have a clear disregard of authority and love to take the occasional risk. Sometimes you need to take it easy and just clear your head which is why mindless wanders are becoming one of my favourite pastimes.

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If you’re a regular reader of Style Division you may have seen a few of my previous posts where I explore the hidden and touristy sides of Rome but what they failed to show was just how charming the city becomes when the sun goes down. The streets aren’t littered with tourists getting in your way with selfie sticks and you can explore Rome at your own leisure. Walking without purpose has a similar effect on your body as meditation as you put your mind to rest, even for a minute, and allow your subconscious to absorb the details that surround you.

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Without looking at maps or guides my stroll led me to St. Peter’s Basilica situated right in the centre of the deserted Vatican. Although I managed to smash my camera lens getting that perfect shot it was kind of worth it as it allowed me to see how I deal with situations I have no control over. The old me would have panicked and started the following day in a foul mood but with a clear head and plenty of time to think it’s easy to see that the only way out of those situations is to disregard them completely.

rome italy at night stroll travel blog-5exploring italy rome travel blog

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Make taking a walk a daily habit – I do every morning, it sets me up for the day ahead – Richard Branson

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