Part of the fun of living in London are the legendary acts that show up at your door on a weekly basis. I’ve previously covered some of our favourites but my recent trip Village Underground to see Clams Casino was an unforgettable experience. It epitomised everything I love about rave nights even if this one was set to a mellow hip hop soundtrack.

London at Night

As the night built up Clams played classics such as ‘I’m God‘, ‘Wassup‘, ‘Bass‘ while intertwining them with standout tracks from his new album ‘32 Levels‘. Village Underground provided the perfect atmosphere for the closer of the show, my new favourite song called ‘Blast’. Basically a 2 minute culmination of everything that’s brilliant about this one in a generation producer. Give it a blast:

fujifilm london night be somebody-11

As you can see from the pictures my broken XE-1 is still very much alive as I couldn’t bear to sell it without taking it for one last stroll. It’s been broken ever since my trip to Rome and just like then I feel a late night stroll can really clear ones mind. It also allows you to see a city in a completely unique glow and feel its energy that’s really hard to show using pictures alone.


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