They say life is short but if you think about it it’s actually the longest thing you’ll ever get to do. I think what ‘they’ actually mean is life is too short to spend on things you don’t care about. There’s an amazing Lenin quote that goes “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” I got to experience this in full over the last few weeks as the cogs have started turning and my 2 year London experience is coming to a temporary close. With Brexit likely to disrupt countless lives over the coming year it’s time to take control of my path and start a new adventure. But before I reveal the surprise here are some things you should check out in London this summer.


Hunterian Museum – Royal College of Surgeons

Hunterian Museum - Royal College of Surgeons

A few month ago my friend Ollie and I visited the Hunterian Museum in Holborn as I feel that everyone has a deep fascination with anatomy. The Hunterian Museum boasts unrivalled collections of human and non-human anatomical and pathological specimens, models, instruments, painting and sculptures that reveal the art and science of surgery from the 17th century to the present day.

There’s something surreal about the whole place as you’re stood mere inches away from anatomical specimens that feel almost alien. Except they’re not. They’re real and existed on this planet at some point in time. Funny to think that once you strip away the makeup, clothes and day to day prejudices, we’re all the same beneath the skin.

Hunterian Museum - Royal College of Surgeons

Spend Time With Friends

kristina dimitrova anton dee

kristina dimitrova oliver albuquerqueIt doesn’t really matter what you do in London but rather who you do it with. Even the most boring location can become the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of laughter and mindless exploration. Of course it never hurts to have a camera with you to capture those fleeting moments that are oh so rare in our busy and hectic lives. Krissy from INTERLACED // Kisses & Wires was of course on hand to spice up our afternoon with her insatiable laughter and a drive that would make Richard Branson blush.

Never one to say no to a spot of shopping we explored Soho and Oxford Street, doing our best to imitate 500 Days of Summer (Honey, the taps don’t work!) and spending way to much money on Aesop’s luxury hand creams. Having a magazine allows me a unique perspective on the nature of materialism. You can always have more stuff but it won’t make you any happier. Surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh. Now that’s luxury.

aesop luxury Melbourne skin body hair careaesop luxury Melbourne skin body hair care


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