In my previous post I explored the more natural side of the north of England. Places like the Lake District and Malham Cove made an appearance but that’s barely scratching the surface. North of England are littered with historic cities such as York, Leeds and Sheffield that embody everything people love about Yorkshire. I came back to live in Leeds for 2 months in September before deciding my next move so it would be rude not to showcase my love for this magical part of England:

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royal armouries leeds

If you’re a long time reader of DVSN you may remember that Leeds was actually where I started my adventure with blogging. Ever since my move to London I took regular trips back here to ensure I don’t forget my roots and not lose track of my humble beginnings. Although London was an unforgettable experience it could get lonely, ironic considering the size of the city. Leeds has never made me anxious so any time I wanted to refresh my head and have a clean start I knew I had a place to call home.

Leeds itself is a very concentrated city and best explored on foot. Beautiful shopping areas such as Victoria Quarter and Corn Exchange allow you to feel the soul of the place without spending a penny while the Royal Armouries and Leeds Art Gallery provide a refreshing take on history and modern art. All are free to enter and explore at your leasure so make sure to plan accordingly as you won’t be able to fit everything into one day.

corn exchange leeds

From time to time I tend to stop people to grab some street style photos (see my European Street Style project) as this reveals more about the city than any guidebook ever could. Striking up conversations with strangers gets you of your comfort zone and opens up a world of opportunity especially when you’re spontaneous with your plans. The funny thing about taking street style photos in Leeds is that people approach me first and ask about what I do out of pure curiousity. That has literally never happened anywhere during my travels. The people in Yorkshire still live up to the reputation of being the friendliest people in Britain.

If you do find yourself in Yorkshire then Leeds simply has to be part of your itinerary. From quaint pubs to loud bars, modern shopping malls to historic buildings, this place has it all. I’m probably not doing the city justice with these few paragraphs but my experience living in this city cannot be summed up in words. Hopefully the pictures above contribute more than a few squiggly lines ever could.



I was in Manchester for a few hours to shoot with Hayleigh and see my hero Jose Mourinho in action at Old Trafford. It was a shame to come all this way and not explore this magical little city. When I moved to the UK as a doe eyed 10 year old, Manchester was the first city I visited. I didn’t know anything other than Eastern Europe up to that point so even the brief glimpse around the city was eye opening.

Here we are 15 years later and I’ve made a career out of travelling and taking pictures of things that tickle my interest. Who would have thought eh? Maybe using the word career is a little bit disingenuous. I’m not sure I can call it a career, because a career implies that I had some kind of career plan, and I never did. To anyone who’s reading this who doesn’t know what they want to do in life I say don’t stress. Some of the most brilliant people that I know still have no idea. They make it up as they go along and enjoy every second of it.

It was fun to come back to Manchester and have a walk down memory lane. During my next visit I’ll be sure to spend more time here but if you wish to see more keep a look out for a new New Faces post that will feature some portraits and lookbooks I shot here in autumn.


knaresborough yorkshire

Saving the best till last we have a hidden gem of Yorkshire called Knaresborough. Located about 30 minutes drive from Leeds, Knaresborough is a postcard town if I ever saw one. On a good day it feels like you’re walking through a fairy tale dreamt up by Roald Dahl. Vibrant colours are all around, you can buy ice cream literally everywhere and rent a little boat if you’re in a romantic mood.

Just around the corner there is England’s oldest tourist attraction Mother Shiptons Cave as well as Knaresborough Castle, a ruined fortress overlooking the River Nidd. Although you can get around Knaresborough in a day I would advise you to take your time and drink in the atmosphere before you head back to a busy city. Solitude cannot be underestimated.


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