I seem to have an obsession with Victoria Embankment and for good reason, this little stretch of concrete has a long history going back all the way to the 1870s. I touched on it a little in one of my previous lookbooks so here it is from a new angle.


London at dusk is a unique time, especially in summer and even more especially on a weekend. The atmosphere is full of reverie and it’s no better time to grab some Boris bikes and explore the capital.

akai clothing lookbook embankment at night london-2

Since I was going to be active I thought the perfect outfit would be an Akai Kuma baseball tee complemented by a plain blue bomber jacket and my trusted wooden Woodmy sunglasses.

For those not in the know, Akai Kuma clothing is inspired by Japanese art, a style that is all about bold graphics and colours, a theme i drew inspiration from for this lookbook.

1 – Akai Kuma Long Sleeve Top, 2 – Blue Bomber Jacket, 3 – Woodmy London Sunglasses

london street style photography urban

london street style photography urban

The journey continued on to Westminster, where you’re envoloped by listed buildings, houses of Parliament, Churchill War Rooms and also this amazing bit of cover up. Several of the historic buildings are undergoing renovation but instead of creating an eye sore a beautiful piece of cloth has been draped over them so the work can carry on as normal.

london blogger architecture photography city lifestyle london blogger architecture photography city lifestyle london blogger architecture photography city lifestyle


Cutting back on ourselves we take our bikes across Westminster Bridge. Feeling the buzz of London, at speed and with little distraction is honestly one of the most exhilarating yet fleeting feelings. You almost wish you had Bernard’s watch in your pocket so you can enjoy it for just a little bit longer.

After leaving our bikes by the National Theatre we’re greeted by 2 amazing sights. A huge red art piece for Carol Ann Duffys’ Everyman is of course a sight to behold but spinning the other way we have a perfect snapshot of my infatuation with this location.

If you ever get the chance to visit make sure this is on your to do list. The bikes cost £2 for 24 hours so you literally have no excuses.

london embankment at night lights london embankment at night lights


london at night the shard

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