A few weeks ago I was invited to Inition for a sneak peek into the future of the diverse world of technology. You may remember Inition from the Westfield VR experience I wrote about back in April but nothing could prepare me for the pure nerdy fun that was in store.

I was wowed by a selection of projects and brand experiences that Inition have had a hand in over the years. If you think that future technology is lightyears away you may be in for a surprise as companies such as Jaguar, Topshop and Selfridges have already dipped their toes in the water.

For Topshop Inition created a 360 degree virtual reality catwalk show that was used during London Fashion Week and gave the public a glimpse of the potential of the platform.

Having followed the progress of VR over the past couple of years the Oculus Rift demos were top of my geeky bucket list. Virtual reality is primarily based upon delivering a sense of presence of actually taking you to a different location. Because there is less interference to your auditory processing system than for example the cinema, more of your senses are in tune to whats going on.

At the expense of sounding like a teenager on his first trip to Amsterdam, it does raise some serious questions about the nature of ‘real’. If in VR you’re experiencing the same sensations you would in the ‘real’ world then eventually will we really be able to tell the difference?

On the other hand we also have augmented reality which places a virtual layer (perfect for 3D objects) into physical settings. If you watched E3 last week you may have heard how Microsoft blew everyone away with their augmented reality version of Minecraft that you can literally play on your coffee table.


Inition have employed augmented reality technology on projects in different sectors such as sport, health, telecommunications and even architecture. It was fantastic to try out a virtual Jaguar showroom as you’re quite clearly looking at nothing yet glance over your tablet and there’s actually a full car in front of you. Amazing stuff. Priligy prices comparison and generic Priligy dapoxetine free samples available on http://howmed.net/priligy-dapoxetine/.

This technology also has the ability to change the way you shop from magazine and blur the line between physical and digital. As an example imagine you’re flicking through GQ and you see an ad for the latest Armani watch. Instead of looking at images of models you’ll be able to see what the watch looks like directly on your wrist, whether it suits your body type or the outfit you’re wearing. Something that was impossible a few years ago will soon become commonplace.

AR/VR experiences are just some of the services Inition provide but they also have the capacity and individual knowledge within the business to create 3D printed objects and even smart screens which I will go into in my next post.


Virtual reality is coming and it’s going to hit industries in a major way. It’s very hard to imagine a post-VR future purely because we, as people, have trouble imagining next next month let alone next year.

Nobody could have predicted what the internet will achieve when it was initially used as purely a method of exchanging information. The same goes for VR and it’s future is likely to be anything but quiet and stable.

Huge industries ranging from the medical sector to travel will be creating tools and experiences using virtual reality technologies within the next 2 years and it won’t stop there. Entertainment and communication companies are exploring ways of taking the user to locations or events usually out of reach.

Unlimited virtual worlds, exclusive events, exotic overseas locations, Chelsea football games or Beyonce concerts – this will all be there to be experienced at the touch of a button.

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To find out more about Inition make sure you visit their website inition.co.uk or give them a call on +44 (0)20 7377 2949

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