I recently acquired one of those daily calendars that teaches you new words and a word I keep coming back to this week is ‘Flânerie’. The word ‘Flânerie‘ describes the simple act of strolling while ‘flâneur’ describes a man who saunters around observing society. The next time you’re feeling bored or restless, why not take a simple stroll, who knows what adventures you might find?

Enveloped by Architecture

This week my walks haven’t taken me far as London’s numerous nooks and crannies are probably infinite, yet when Tower Bridge is only down the road you kinda owe it to yourself. As I mentioned in a previous lookbook, Tower Bridge was mocked when it was first constructed with some people going as far as calling it pretentious and yet it stands the test of time.

The entire area is an architects wet dream with The Shard protruding from the distance and the Tower of London sitting proudly in the middle. You’re surrounded by numerous historical landmarks such as the Tower Hill Memorial and All Hallows By The Tower Church or if you’re after a little more solitude, the Saint Dunstan Church Garden is only a few minutes away.

architectural jawlines tower bridge london lookbook-2

Tower Bridge Lookbook

architectural jawlines tower bridge london lookbook-2 daniel wellington watch

It wouldn’t be a Style Division post without an outfit update so as usual my Burberry scarf and Bailey Nelson specs were right by my side as well as the always elegant Daniel Wellington timepiece. The pea coat was purchased from Reiss a few months ago and I honestly wish you could feel it through the screen, the fabric is immaculate.


architectural jawlines tower bridge london lookbook-2

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