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Men tend to misunderstand women when it comes to shoes. “Surely one pair is enough!” they’ll exclaim and yet if you give any man a choice of beautiful watches they’ll say “Can I keep them ALL?”. As women are drawn towards elegant products, men are drawn towards the intricate and mechanical. It’s in our nature so why fight it?

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Uncle Jack Watches

This crazy theory of mine was put to the test when Uncle Jack were kind enough to send me a watch from their latest collection. Safe to say I fell in love with it instantly. The simple white face ensures it’s compatibility with a huge number of outfits and a light tan leather strap can be quickly changed should it suffer some wear and tear. Make sure to check out the full collection and pick a style that suits you as there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy. And don’t forget to use the £10 discount code!

anton dee uncle jack watch

Use ‘unclejackuk’ to get £10 off your Uncle Jack watch!

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