Since I decided to spread my wings in London I’ve been very poor at everyday life things such as keeping in touch with my family so when my mum suggested a surprise visit I was fully supportive of the idea. We ended up exploring the City of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and finished our day by seeing a play in London’s West End. By the way, if you’re reading this on the 6th of March make sure to call your mum as it’s Mother’s Day and she’ll really appreciate the attention 🙂

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Southwark, London

Southwark is a district of Central London and part of the London Borough of Southwark. Situated east of Charing Cross, it forms one of the oldest parts of London and fronts the River Thames to the north. It is now at an advanced stage of regeneration and is the location of the City Hall, Tower Bridge and my favourite building in the entire world – The Shard.

mom in london explore tower bridge

mom in london explore tower bridge mom in london explore tower bridge

mom in london explore tower bridge

Southwark is the perfect place for a spot of people watching as it’s usually teaming with tourists who wish to experience a unique piece of the capital. You’re also surrounded by gorgeous modern glass architecture while across the river stands The Tower of London as a small nod to the historical nature of the area.

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Never one to turn down a spot of mindless exploration we carried on down Tooley Street and towards Shad Thames, a historic riverside street that runs along the south side of the River Thames. Most of the buildings are converted warehouses as the area was a bustling business district during the 1800s as spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, carawa and ginger were traded here on a regular basis.

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Several areas are still named after the spices (e.g. Vanilla & Sesame Court) and it’s said that the original smell had infused itself into the brickwork, so after the warehouses were converted into flats the residents of each building could still detect the scent after which it was named.

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