Back in August I was invited by Richard Harris to take part in a small photowalk around London. A small group of us met up at Waterloo and our journey took us through numerous boroughs and side streets of Southwark, the bustling Borough Market and then across London Bridge into the heart of the city.

fujifilm architecture

fujifilm architecture

I underestimated the diversity and richness of the capital and while putting this post together it was difficult to cut down on the number of pictures I ended up taking. The solution was to split the post into 2 parts (you can find PART 2 here) in the aim of giving you a glimpse of what London has to offer. So without further ado let’s dive in!

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In 1861 the Great Fire of Southwark destroyed a large number of buildings between Tooley Street and the Thames (including those around Hays Wharf) which could go a long way in explaining the reason for such a range of architectural diversity in the area.

From Georgian to Gothic revival styles the area is teaming with immovable art. Ghost signs serve as a window to the not so distant past and undisturbed street art pieces show the modern rejuvenation of the area.

borough market vscocam fujifilm

borough market vscocam fujifilm

Borough Market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. It was fantastic to explore the market that claims to have existed since 1014 (although there are accounts that date it much earlier)

The Shard (formerly London Bridge Tower) is an 87-storey skyscraper that I consider the crowning jewel of Southwark. It forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development and it’s impressive presence towered above us as we explored the streets below.

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borough market architecture

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Richard Harris for organising the walk and getting my out of my comfort zone.

If you want to know more about Rich, make sure to check out his website and Instagram as his photography is just the start of the story. He was actually the person who recomended me the camera I use to this day (Fujifilm XE-1) so you could say he’s somewhat responsible for Style Division looking the way it does today 🙂


Leadenhall Market vscocam london

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