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Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted about some new music so I thought today would be as good a day as any to correct that. My last music article was a repost of my contribution to Jivetalk and since then I’ve hardly added a thing. For anyone who knows me I have a very diverse music taste but I do appreciate all music genres so from time to time you’ll see posts about something that may not interest you but trust me, try anything once. So without further ado here are the songs and albums that have kept me pressing replay recently.

Mr. Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)

This songs has defined my summer, ultimate ‘put your feet up’ tune if there can be such a category. We’ve been quite lucky over here in the UK this summer as we’ve actually had fantastic weather and every time I’m sunbathing in the garden this song has to make an appearance. For any of you who have seen a film by the German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner ‘Berlin Calling’ it reminds me of his song ‘Sky and Sand’ which also has very summery connotations.


Jack Beats – Beatbox

This song is worth listening to for the video alone. The jacking house tune itself is catchy enough with a hook that you’ll keep humming for days but when you throw in people like Skream, Skrillex, Example, Duke Dumont, Rusko and about 50 others into the mix it just gets crazy. Last 45 seconds of the song is pure old school West Coast inspiration and I love that 2 guys from East London have managed to sneak that sample in.

So if you want to feel like a superstar DJ for the next 4 minutes press the play button below.

skream jack beats boombox


Bicep – The Game

Any of you watch The Wire? A cheeky sample of Omar is all it took for this to be my favourite track this week. Bicep’s brooding melody is a bit of a sidestep from his normal house bangers but this is still a masterpiece of production. You should also check out his collaboration with Ejeca on a track called ‘You’, there’s a piano version out there that trumps the original by miles.


Various Artists – Anjunadeep 05 (Album)

Anjunadeep is a sister label of the now infamous Anjunabeats brand started by my favourite band Above & Beyond. Having followed both labels since their inception in the early 00’s I have never before or since seen a business make such great decisions in terms of what artists are right for the label and what events to throw around the world to make people aware of this. Anjunabeats is predominantly a trance label still pumping out hit after hit in that community but in the last few years the interest in electronic and house music has skyrocketed hence the latest addition to the Anjunadeep family with Anjunadeep 05.

Several of the tracks were previewed at the ABGT050 event held last October in Alexandra Palace (London) and I can tell you the place went crazy, A&B guys knew straight away they had a few hits on their hands which I’m glad to say made it into the compilation. Anjunadeep 05 is a pure headphone album so if you’re in a mood for a good dose of house with funky bass riffs and fading vocals you’re right at home.

Personal Favourite: Tom Middleton – WYV AUW CHU


Wild Beasts – Present Tense (Album)

Wild Beasts are an odd little band as I remember seeing them at the Leeds Festival in 2010 and not being overly impressed yet 4 years later I cannot stop listening to their album ‘Present Tense’. A mixture of indie and rock Wild Beasts have been around for the last 10 years but it wasn’t until the release of “Smother’ in 2011 that the band came into the limelight. The higher pitched vocals of Hayden Thorpe accentuate every song and his unique style evenly splits the tracks on the album, I love that there are no filler songs, I may even go out on a limb and say that each song on ‘Present Tense’ could well be a leading single.

The chord progressions on ‘Pregnant Pause’ have caused me to replay the song tens of times in a row whilst the catchy riffs of ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’ have been on my playlist for literally the last 2 months. I cannot bring myself to remove it from there. I have included a Spotify link to the album below for your enjoyment.

Personal Favourite: A Simple Beautiful Truth