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Audio Inspiration Collection 06 (August 2015 Playlist)

So a few months ago I decided to grab myself a Google Chromecast and one of the offers bundled in with it was a 3 month trial of Google’s new service Google Music. Not to be outdone by Spotify, Google Music offers reliable cloud storage for all your files as well as a responsive interface that suits any Android device. Making the switch to the cloud was not an easy one as you’re never 100% sure who owns the music and you’re tied in to a monthly subscription.

After troublesome migration attempts all my music is now uploaded into the cloud and it’s given me the freedom to enjoy my huge (30,000+) collection on the go. Here are just some of the tracks I’ve enjoyed recently, amongst them a new Jamie XX tune and several house tracks from the infamous DJ-Kicks series.

August 2015 Soundcloud Playlist

Even Google / Spotify cannot compete with Soundcloud for it’s underground and lesser known dance tracks. If you’re a fan of future garage, house music or chillout this next playlist is for you. Featuring some new songs from Dusky, Ill Blu and old favourites Submerse.


I discovered a whole new subset of music called Vaporwave which is a mix between new age dance music and chillwave. It’s a little bit hard to describe but this growing genre is being pioneered by labels such as Dream Catalogue.

The artists themselves use symbols and unique characters in their song names which makes them impossible to find using normal means such as YouTube or search engines. If you like the Cocainejesus video above make sure to check out 「fluence」and 『Drip Drop』as they have a unique sound that has left me with quite an impression.

Back with a bang this summer are the two talented brothers from Disclosure. Having seen them at last years Parklife in Manchester and Secret Garden Party the year before, I can attest that these guys are the real deal. Their production quality is above and beyond what is expected in dance music and the hits keep on piling up.

Holding On was released in May just in time for festival season and already received major airplay. After hearing it at Wireless last month it cemented it as one of my favourite tunes this summer.

Let me know if you’ve discovered a new favourite by leaving a comment below or tweeting @StyleDivision. And here are some links if you wish to keep up to date:

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