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Audio Inspiration Collection 05 (June 2015 Playlist)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer and in case you’re still having trouble getting up in the morning I’ve put together another one of my meticulously researched playlists. The Top 10 Summer Tunes article will be posted next week, just in time for festival season.

In the meantime this months playlist contains is all about electronica, starting out quite slowly but getting heavier as the playlist goes on. I’m becoming a huge fan of future garage which I can only describe as ‘mellow dubstep‘. Make sure you check out Volor Flex and Incomer to hear what I’m talking about.

June 2015 Soundcloud Playlist

Again Spotify is letting me down with their music selection. I’ve actually started migrating my OCD library from iTunes to Google Music so over the coming months I will be testing to see how well Google playlists work on Style Division. If you only have time to listen to one song make sure to check out Spies on Bikes – Long Walks and Recorded Talks as it’s a pure happy song with an awesome sample of Woody Allens’ ‘Midnight in Paris’.

Let me know if you’ve discovered a new favourite by leaving a comment below or tweeting @StyleDivision. And here are some links if you wish to keep up to date:

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